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Bryan Plucar, PsyD, LP


People seek therapy for a variety of reasons.  Although there are many different labels that are attached to these reasons, a common motivator for beginning therapy is that some aspect of life does not feel as though it is working or is not as fulfilling as the individual or couple would like it to be. When someone begins therapy there are often questions and anxieties that arise about the process.  The first few sessions are structured to give both client and therapist time to understand the problems or issues, get some background information about these issues, and allow both the client and therapist to get a feel for one another in order to establish a secure working relationship.

In essence, therapy is a conversation that takes place in an environment of non-judgement, collaboration, and respect between client and therapist with the goal of helping the client feel more fulfilled, effective, and whole.  It is important to understand that this process is not easy every step of the way.  At times when there are impasses and setbacks, therapist and client work together to resolve these issues and use the learning that occurs in such moments to promote further progress.

The goals of therapy are often referenced in regard to symptom reduction.  While reducing symptoms is important, I also view therapy as important for expanding life in order to live with more verve, vigor, and cohesiveness.  My approach to therapy is based on a deep-seated belief in the autonomy of individuals which takes into account background, social support, strengths, and current stressors, in addition to other facets of life. Ultimately, therapy is a creative endeavor between client and therapist that is useful for helping people continue to deepen their understanding of themselves in order to thrive.

Bryan Plucar, PsyD, LPBryan Plucar, PsyD, LP