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Heather Smith, MSW, LGSW
So often in life we think the key to finding happiness exists in something outside of ourselves. We change jobs, partners, friends and cities only to find ourselves exactly as we were, living with the same problems and patterns, and ultimately in the same self-imposed prisons. As children, we intuitively develop adaptive solutions to maladaptive situations that enable us to protect our hearts and minds. Unbeknownst to our consciousness, these self-deceptions no longer protect us, but in fact compromise our capacity for growth.
Together we will work to gain a deeper understanding into your life narrative. Within the safety of a good therapeutic relationship there is often a freeing up of space that allows us to finally separate the past from the present so we are no longer doomed to repeat it.
I enjoy working with a diverse population of people dealing with depression, anxiety and fears, personality disorders, grief and relationship problems. I have advanced training in psychodynamic psychotherapy in addition to completing a clinical fellowship at the MN Psychoanalytic Society and Institute.

Heather Smith, MSW, LGSWHeather Smith, MSW, LGSW