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 Group Therapy


Anger is often seen as being solely bad and harmful. Although it is true that anger can sometimes lead to negative outcomes that affect us and others, anger is a vitally necessary emotion – but we must learn how to use it and express it in effective ways. In this group, participants will learn the purpose of anger (and related emotion of guilt), how to effectively use anger in the moment, how to calm down when needed, how to release “stored anger,” and how to better communicate – both to improve relationships and more effectively meet their own needs. We also cover how anxiety can play a role in the expression and management of anger.

This group is not just for those who experience chronically high levels of anger and who have big or intense anger responses. It is also for those who may under-assert themselves due to anxiety and/or guilt, those who struggle to express anger, and for individuals who find that they experience a build up of anger until they explode and take it out on others.


How is this group different from other anger management groups?

In addition to learning ways to calm down and respond to anger differently, group members will also learn about the concept of “stored,” or accumulated, anger that often leads to chronic anger issues. We have found that working through this is a critical part of improving someone’s anger long-term, as well as decreasing the intensity and frequency of their anger. When we ignore stored anger and only focus on ways to calm down, it can lead to continued, long-term anger issues.


This group runs on a 12 week cycle and meets at the Eagan office (E-PAC) Wednesdays 5:30-7pm. Please contact Samantha Franklin at 651-348-8551 for more information or visit E-PAC's website at www.eaganpac.com.